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Understanding Concentration for Thinking and Learning

Understanding the pre-requisites for increased concentration, thinking and learning


The aim of the course is to provide attendees with an understanding of how to support children to stay in their ‘thinking brain’ for concentration and learning gains


This half day workshop will increase attendees understanding of how to establish and maintain sustained concentration for thinking and learning by considering the significance of integrating different areas of the brain, with simple activities to support brain integration.
They will also increase their understanding of how to develop and maintain trust and safety, essential elements in concentration, using attachment aware, trauma informed practice.
Finally, attendees will have an opportunity to focus on strategies to support children to stay in their ‘thinking brain’, creating conditions for thinking & learning, and to notice when children are moving into their ‘emotional brain’, where thinking is impossible.


  • To develop an understanding of the significance of brain integration for concentration, with activities to support this
  • To explore a range of strategies within the framework of attachment aware, trauma informed theory and practice to establish trust and safety
  • To recognise when children are moving into their ‘emotional brain’ and understand how to support them to return to, and stay in their ‘thinking brain’

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Teachers, Inclusion Leads, Emotional Wellbeing Coordinators, Senco’s, Heads of Year, Senior Leaders, Designated Teachers for CiC, Teaching/Learning Assistants, Learning Mentors

15 Oct 2019 13:00 - 16:00

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Date and Time

15 Oct 2019 13:00 - 16:00


The Mills Centre Highgate School 5 Bishopswood Road Highgate London N6 4PP


Ceri May
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